Central Coast Wine Tours

Enjoy a day touring one of the world's leading wine growing regions, California's Central Coast. With Conejo Cab you're in for a tasting experience and day of relaxation as we follow the Ventura County Wine Trail.

Create your tour as you want it. We work with you to create your wine tour. Four, five or six hour excursion for small groups (up to 6 passengers) are the most fun. You can enjoy three, four, or more, wineries and tasting rooms during this time. It all depends on how quickly or relaxed you want to spend your day. Typically, counting pick up point, travel time, lunch, and a relaxed time at each winery, you can enjoy four wineries in about five hours.

Some wineries provide cozy shaded picnic areas where you can enjoy your picnic lunch, or we can recommend a bistro that will compliment your experience. Both are popular way to enjoy a meal while on the road in wine country.

How The Tour Works

All tasting fees and lunch are, as we like to say, a’ la carte. We charge only for the transportation required for your group to tour the wine trail. Our hourly flat rate for the car and driver is $50, (not including gratuity). We mention this for the international guests that we serve who are used to different service customs.

We have no time frame. You use the time with your car and driver as your day progresses. If you are having a great time at one or two tasting locations, stay and enjoy yourselves. You will not be rushed to the next stop. In structured tours, you are left to the mercy of a strict schedule that requires you to include a certain number of wineries per tour. With us, it's your time!

Call or email to discuss your ideal day on the Ventura County Wine Trail. Then, book early for a memorable time with our knowledgeable driver, interesting winemakers, and the delicious award winning wines this region has to offer.